The World Broadsword Chamionship

What is the World Broadsword Championship?

The World Broadsword Championship is a HEMA competition, open to anyone trained in the martial arts of English Backsword, Highland Broadsword or Military Sabre. The tournament will be fought with blunt reproductions of authentic weapons.


How is it the World Broadsword Championship?

Historical Reason:

During the 19th century the “Broadsword Champion of the World” was a recognised title. If you wanted to claim the title for yourself, you had to travel to wherever the reigning Champion was and challenge them.

It so happens that in the 1880’s the Title holder and his closest rival both came to Australia, and lost to local competitors. The competition was fought in Australia a number of times, the last being in 1891. The winner remained the unchallenged Broadsword Champion until his death in 1916.

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Modern Reason:

In 2004, the British Federation for Historical Swordplay instituted the “Gloriana Cup” as the national trophy for the art of British Broadsword combat. In September, 2013, Paul Wagner of the Stoccata School of Defence in Sydney, Australia, went to the UK and was victorious in the tournament, bringing the Cup back to Australia.

As the “Gloriana Cup” was now an international trophy, it was decided to revive the historical World Broadsword Championship, with the trophy as the Prize.

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What Happened at the last WBC?

Where and When?

The next competition will be hosted by the Stoccata School of Defence, and held in conjunction with the Australasian Western Martial Arts Conference on June 9,10 & 11, 2018.

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What Happens If I Win?

Historically, the Championship went with the victor. So if you win, you take the Cup home with you, wherever in the world you live.

It is expected that you will put it up for competition again within the following year or so. You are responsible for organising this, and you also get to set the Rules for the next competition. This website exists so the winner can arrange the Competition any way they like.

If, for whatever reason, you can’t do so within 2 years, we ask that you return the Cup to the previous holders so they can do so.

What Are The Rules?

How To Enter


What is a Broadsword?

The Art of the Broadsword